Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI) is an independent theatre school for contemporary artists, conceived as a unique and unprecedented enterprise in theatre training, social and cultural interaction, and human understanding.

ITI began as the Theatre Training & Research Programme (TTRP), founded in 2000 by renowned dramatist, Kuo Pao Kun (1939–2002), and the current Director, T. Sasitharan, after a period of research, reflection and preparatory work. TTRP was inspired by the unique experience of contemporary theatre in Singapore over four decades and, in particular, by Pao Kun’s artistic vision and multicultural practice.

It currently offers a three-year, practice-based, professional actor training programme founded on a rigorous, intercultural learning methodology with a view to producing original, contemporary theatre. The training encompasses exposure to a broad spectrum of cultures and languages, and immersion in traditional Asian theatre systems and contemporary theatre forms. Students are selected from among the best talents across Asia and beyond.

ITI’s Acting Programme is widely regarded as a post-graduate level course and has attracted international recognition of the highest order, from well-known artists, respected educators and master teachers in the performing arts who have been part of the faculty, as well as academic and examination boards. Through the years, the unparalleled training at ITI has produced exceptional, professional actors and directors or teachers who are in high demand in the performing arts, film and new media sectors.

ITI is a private educational organisation registered with the Council for Private Education and conferred EduTrust certification (Provisional). It is also a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC) in Singapore, to which donations are tax exempted.

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